Dear Culture Lover,

In the early 20th century, many of the great artists of that era visited the Rippl-Rónai Villa on the Róma Hill. This was the place where a charming man lived and worked, who fascinated the famous and those susceptible to beauty not only with his art but his delightful personality.

Every May, to mark Rippl-Rónai’s birthday, Kaposvár evokes that vibrant and lively milieu which was so characteristic of the painter’s art.

Our aim is to host such a large -scale festival commemorating the city’s famous son, which can introduce the visitor to Kaposvár’s cultural traditions as well as offer a wide range of programmes to the public. The Rippl-Rónai Festival is much more than our former art festivals: a cultural cavalcade spiced with concerts, literary events and exhibitions. The visitors, little ones and grown-ups alike can get a taste of this colourful city’s atmosphere, so beloved of the painter Rippl-Rónai.

The festival – with a wealth of programmes listed on the pages of this leaflet - is so colourful, so rich in events that it offers something exciting and interesting to everyone.

I suggest You keep this leaflet on you throughout the festival to check schedules on the event day.

I wish You a lovely time in Kaposvár and please discover that art is a real source of joy which makes our life richer and more valuable.

Painter Rippl-Rónai chose Kaposvár. I am delighted that you have made the same decision.

Yours sincerely

Károly Szita
Mayor of Kaposvár