Cimbali band (Kossuth tér)

2014-05-25 (16:00:00)
Rippl-Rónai Fesztivál Kaposvár 2014. május 22-25.
Zenei programok, koncertek 2014.

Cimbali band


Csatlakozz Te is a Cimbaliband népes rajongótáborához! I Hogy milyen is a cimbalom Chuck Berryének zenekara? Most megtudhatod!

Cimbaliband is like a true Eastern European metropolis. Traces of bygone eras, mixed with modern matter – It’s in constant motion, swarming but it works. It is a true multi-cultural cavalcade. "Bunyevác" accordionist, Hungarian fiddler, Croatian tambura-player, Gypsy bassist, Germanian-Hungarian cimbalist. Members are from different type of music. Hungarian folk music, classical music, jazz, folk music of the Balkans, south slavic folk music, rock’n’roll – different genres, even so there are two things binding the band together: friendship and a magical Hungarian instrument, the cimbalom. It is not accidentally mentioned that Balázs Unger is the Chuck Berry of cimbalom. With his rapid riffs and the variety of styles he directs his band from behind the real Hungarian „mixing desk”. They are playing jam sessions during their concerts with no limit in style but fed by deep roots. This is why so many people are fascinated by their dynamic world music, even those who are not close to folk music. Their success, their concerts and the media can only confirm this.

'Finally, cimbalom is rock'n'roll. Watch out for these Hungarians!'



Helyszín: Kossuth tér